Sex Toy Info You Really Need to Know!

Sex Toy Maintenance


Read up on some quick and useful sex toy info tips. Keep your vibrating wonders in good form for the next use. Regardless of whether this is your first toy or you already have a lot of experience with them, it won’t hurt to brush up on what you should and shouldn’t do to your erotic toys.

Always remove the batteries when you’re not using the toy

When travelling or not using the toy, always remove the batteries. You never know what could trigger the vibrations. You can imagine how embarrassing it could be if that happened e.g. at an airport during the luggage checks. Some toys even have a specific safety lock mode just for this reason.

Even with that, it’s still good to remove the batteries, even if you’re just tucking it away into a nightstand drawer. Batteries can spill and damage your favourite toy. They can also discharge even though the light is off and end up empty.

Always keep some spare batteries

The worst thing that can happen even with all the precautions is ending up with empty batteries just when you’re in the mood to use your vibrator. Of course you could always use the vibrator, or similar device, as a dildo, but what’s the point in that? You bought a vibrator, it has to vibrate, right? So always keep a few batteries handy just in case. The best thing you could do is to have two sets of chargeable batteries and you’ll never have to worry again.

Learn how to clean them properly

If you’re not sure how to properly clean your new toy you can check the manual. Most toys will have instructions how to clean that one specifically. Or you can ask us, of course. In general, though, the rule is to clean the toys after every use to ensure maximum hygiene. If you haven’t used a particular toy for a while, it’s best to also clean it before use. Better safe than sorry. Most materials require only regular soap (with as few additives as possible) and warm water, but we recommend using specialized erotic toy cleaners instead.

Use the right lube for your toy

You can read more into details about specific lubricants on our blog, but the big important thing is: don't use silicone lubricants with silicone toys. That’s a recipe for disaster, as silicone toys get damage due to a chemical reaction when exposed to silicone lube. Best to just use water based lubricants to be safe. Silicone and oil based lubricants have their uses as well of course, just be careful that the materials are right – metal and glass usually have no issue with them.

Wash after use

By that I mean yourself. The easiest and best way to keep hygiene at the appropriate levels is to clean yourself after toy use as well. Same as with toys. During toy use, body fluids will inevitably be released, and if you don’t clean yourself, bacteria will multiply quickly. Don’t make me give you a visual aid.

Sex toy use doesn’t signal a bad relationship

Healthy sex is in no way contrary with sex toy use. If you are in a relationship in which the other partner doesn’t approve of you using toys, that is certainly a topic best discussed immediately. Toys don’t replace your partner; they enhance both of your experiences. It builds bonds, bringing new pleasures and feelings into your sex life. There is nothing better than bringing your partner to a new way of orgasm. Why would a toy make it any less so?


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