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We’ve already said much about how condoms are nearly 99% effective in preventing pregnancy with every time use. Unlike most other forms of contraception, they also have a secondary function – protecting you from infectious diseases. Today, however, we have something completely new for you. Something special. LELO HEX Condoms. But what makes them so special? Read on …

Regular condoms vary in color, thickness, taste, material. LELO HEX differs from other condoms in several things. They boast an incredible strength and are extremely thin. This of course increases the sensations for the user. So, men – enough with the excuses about not feeling anything when wearing a condom – try HEX!

Why try LELO HEX?

HEX condoms are a great innovation. So great in fact, that they’re being called the biggest advance in condom technology in the last 70 years! In just a couple weeks from the release more than 600,000 were sold. Still not convinced?

They’re made in a hexagonal (6-sided) structure. That is one of the sturdiest naturally occurring forms in the world. Bee hives and snake scales are designed in the same shape, and it’s not a coincidence. Every condom consists of 350 hexagons which form a whole. This structure enables the condom to be incredibly thin for incredible sensations, and very durable at the same time.

The condom has the hexagonal lines protruding towards the inner side. This little detail increases the stimulation further for more intense orgasms. Because the condom is thin (on average only 0.045 mm) the body heat transfers from one partner to the other. Thus creating a more sensitive and intimate experience. 180 mm in length and 54 mm in width, they offer a comfortable fit for most penis sizes.


LELO HEX condoms fulfill all international standards and go beyond. The manufacturer tests every single condom before shipping out.

Another great thing is that each condom is slightly lubricated. They don’t contain spermicides either. They’re suitable for vegans as they don’t contain any animal products.

Your Condom is Outdated. Feel the Future. Try HEX!


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