Electro Sex & Electrostimulators – A Beginners' Guide



For most people electricity and sex mixing is a big no-no. After all, we’re taught from the time we can walk that electricity is dangerous and we mustn’t play with it. This is of course true in a general sense. We don’t recommend trying to achieve sexual pleasures experimenting with dangerous electrical appliances either. But, if you’re careful, we can tell you how to safely enjoy electro sex.

Electro sex is a way of stimulation of the genitals and erogenous zones with a same amount of electric power. The human body is made in large part of water, so it makes for a great conductor. Using the right sex toy and conductive pads, electricity can pass through nerve cells and create pulsating, almost vibrating experiences.

How does electro sex feel?

Electro sex doesn’t contain pleasurable pain or even pain in general. It’s a completely new, electrostimulationcompletely different experience of sex. At lower settings, the stimulation is weak and offers very gentle sensations. All beginners should of course start with the lowest possible settings and then continue upwards. The electric charge stimulates nerve endings and the skin it touches. Imagine the feeling of being tickled gently and add a slight vibration to it. Far from pain, am I right?

Medium settings create a stronger sensation and increased tingling – like touching a vibrator to the skin at its highest speed. Nerve endings become more sensitive and aroused, the stimulation is stronger. The medium settings are similar to insertable vibration devices, except the sensations is a bit stronger and stimulation higher.

At the highest settings, electrostimulators provide strong tingling and slight pins and needles feeling. Stimulation is strong and can cause muscle contraction.

IMPORTANT: Before use the device should always be off. Start with the lowest setting and increase. This way you can find the most pleasurable power setting for you.

Are electrostimulators dangerous?

A very common question for those itching to try them. The electric power generated by the stimulators is relatively low, comparable to the TENS devices for pain relief. There are of course several safety conditions:

Do not use an electrostimulator:electrostimulator

  • If you have heart problems or a heart pacemaker
  • During pregnancy
  • Above the waist
  • If you are feeling unwell, are dehydrated, underfed or tired
  • On irritated or damaged skin

Use a waterbased lubricant with the stimulator, which will increase conductivity. Do not use silicone based lubricants, as silicone is an insulating material. The silicone may also damage silicone silicone made toys. Use electricity-conductive gel for pads. Always check that the device is turned off before use.

You will find a various assortment of toys in the Electro sex category. Buttplugs, dildos, sets, mostly made out of aluminium and other highly conductive metals.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the electrosex experience is different for everyone. Some find incredible pleasures in it and others find even the weakest settings to be too strong and uncomfortable. Start slowly and experiment with new toys always at the lowest power setting and then move up.


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